BodyTalk Your Health

Health care clinic operating in Brisbane providing a range of health services including: massage, BodyTalk, kinesiology to improve your wellbeing.

This simple, effective holistic therapy looks at each system, cell, and atom working in constant communication with each other.  This is how nature intended it to be.  Life is a journey and events come our way to lead us in different directions. Your health is the most important, however we don't always value it until something happens that reduces our health. BodyTalk is about restoring health by getting to all the various contributing factors and resolving them.

Do you feel that your condition will never improve? Have you tried so many things and no relief? Well Melissa was in that position back in 2000 and it is due to this that she is now an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified BodyTalk Instructor and is continually researching and developing her skills and knowledge.